Paige Gentry

From the very beginning, there was a dog! When I began to crawl, I followed our Chocolate Lab, Eli around the house, crawling on him and playing. Dogs have been ever-present in my life. When I turned sixteen, I began working at our neighborhood veterinarian as a kennel attendant. I worked there until I went off to college, summers while in college, and for a while after I graduated from college. I began my pet care business soon after graduating from college and continue it today as a means of supplementing my income and as a genuine passion I have for the true blue canine companion.

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Dog Walking

I have two package prices for dog walking. Half-hour sessions and hour sessions.

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Pet Sitting

I can visit your dog while you are away up to three times a day or stay at your place while you are away.

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Pet Boarding

I can board you dog at my place while you are away. You will be responsible for bringing your dog to my apartment.

My Territory

For this promotion I am selecting my home territory of downtown in Silver Spring, MD.


“If you want someone who will love, care for and spoil your dogs when you are not there, Paige is the one!”

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“Paige puts a ton of love and care into watching our puppy, Winnie. Paige has been with Winnie since she was only a few months old and Winnie absolutely loves spending time with her. Paige has been integral to helping Winnie settle into her new home and I would even say that Paige’s warm, kind demeanor has definitely rubbed off on her. Paige is also great about communication, timeliness and amenable to following all sorts of preferences and directions. Paige has been working with us throughout Winnie’s puppyhood, including a few illnesses, which is a great testament to her flexibility. But in my opinion, the best part about working with Paige is knowing that Winnie is being taken care of by someone who takes time to understand her impulses, always walks and plays within Winnie’s capacity, and loves her like her own.”

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-Olivia D., Winnie the Golden Retriever

Pet Care With A Personal Touch

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"I would love to hear from you" - Paige

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